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About Us?

Open Space Loft Conversion’s have gained a reputation as one of the leading experts in Loft Conversions across the areas of London , Surrey and Sussex. Open Space Loft Conversion’s have many happy and satisfied customers across the city’s where we have converted loft space in to functional and valuable floor space. We have an experienced team of designers and builders that provide the full loft conversion service. We manage the project from start to finish, from the design stage where we take your ideas and create a concept through to the build and completion of the loft space.

Open Space is a well established loft conversion specialist in the South East offering high quality loft conversions as well as other design/building needs throughout the London, Surrey and Sussex areas. We have been designing and building loft conversions for over 13 years and have never missed anything for our customers. Our skilled craftsmen produce bespoke Velux, Doormer, Hip To Gable and Mansard loft conversions. After 13 years in the trade we offer our customers the highest quality materials at the best rates, with some great partners working with us we can offer an exclusive service that is simply unbeatable. Need more space in your home, a loft conversion is the best place to start. What would you do with your loft space?

Our specialised operations are designed to give our customers the best materials, the highest skilled tradesman with efficient and careful planning which results in very satisfied customers. Due to high demand for Open Space Loft conversions we are able to offer our customers the most competitive quotes which we guarantee we cannot be beaten on. give us a call now to start your loft conversion process.

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Can my loft be converted?

A lot of people think that you need an extra large loft with lots of space to have a loft conversion however this is a myth. 90% of conventional lofts can be converted into fantastic space to add value to your home. Give us a call now and get specialist advice on what you can do with your loft space. You will be surpised.

What type of planning permission is required?

Often when wanting a loft conversion, planning permission isn’t even required. The type of loft conversion you would like to have built on your home will dictate whether you need planning permission or not. Please give us a call today and we will help you to find out whether you’ll need planning permission or not. If you do choose a loft conversion that does need planning permission in your area, don’t worry, our specialised team will take care of it all for you.

How long will a loft conversion take?

This depends on the size of your property and the complexity of the design. With Open Space Lofts, we are able to offer much quicker turn around times than most others. This is due to our broad team of designers, tradesman and our legal team. Typically a Velux loft conversion can take as little as 2 weeks to complete, and the more complex conversions can take 4-8 weeks.

How much will a loft conversion cost?

The cost of a loft conversion depends on a multitude of factors. We offer a free quote that will go into detail on what will be required for your conversion and costings, as well as a timescale. If you’d like to request a free quote contact us now.

How much disruption will this cause to me and my family?

Open Space Loft Conversion take huge pride on their friendly and conscientious attitude. We do everything that we can to ensure that the work does not impact your day to day life too much. However, considering it is such a large piece of building work, it is likely to have some impact.

How do I know which loft conversion is best for us?

When completing your free quotation, we will assess what can be done with the space you have available and we will be able to suggest to you the best options for you. All of our team have extensive experience in loft conversion design and you can be sure to have a fantastic team on hand at Open Space Loft Conversion that will give you all the guidance and answers to questions you may have.

Design FAQ’s

How will I know which loft conversion is most suitable for me?

The type of conversion could be dependent on the layout or style of the property, together with your aspirations for its intended use. We’d be delighted to offer you a free 1-hour consultation to discuss this with you personally.

How can I maximise space?

This is where Open Space stands apart from other loft specialists. You’ll see from the ‘What layout will work best for my property?´ that our Designers consider ‘maximising’ space to be a fluid term. Knowing what the optimum space is for you loft is completely dictated by what the intended purpose for the loft room is and what the client’s priorities are. For instance using the space as a home office as opposed to a luxury bedroom has different priorities and therefore will generate different optimum-space designs. Thankfully we’ve already figured out the optimum layouts for all scenarios.

What sort of a layout should I go for?

There is an optimum way to configure any conceivable loft space. The trick is to harness the home owners’ needs and preferences and integrate them into good loft design from the outset.

What layout will work best for my property?

Two things set us apart from the rest.

We are uniquely positioned in the industry because of the integration between our Designers, Architects and importantly, the property market. We have a south east-wide network of Estate Agents and Commentators (whom we know personally), who advise as to what the local trends are not only in the area, but on your street. This is priceless information because if the property integrates the trends of the local market, you stand the best chance of making your property as desirable and future-proof as possible.

We pay the utmost attention to listening to our client’s requests, so we fully understand what they want from the design. It’s important we understand the motivation to convert the loft, because we can customise the design to give you exactly what you want, and more.

For instance if the loft conversion will be used as a home office, we have designs that will maximise the usable floor area and give you fantastic work space, fully kitted with supplementary lighting and anti-surge power points to protect your computers and more.

If you have a baby on the way & plan to have a crib in the room, well we have optimum designs for that too, together with sound proofing solutions so your baby doesn’t wake up in the middle of nap time.
Teenage kids or perhaps welcoming a new member to the family? Well you’ll need more bedrooms and bathrooms. Our very clever Designers have solutions to give you two bedrooms instead of one, without having to compromise of en-suite options for either new bedroom.

Maybe you had dreams of a master bedroom that would be the envy of the street. Our top end design packs will create for you an ultra-luxurious cocoon for you to dwell in and enjoy.

Perhaps you’re aiming to unlock the potential of you home and maximise its value. Thanks to unique property market integration, we know what sells and what buyers look for. And yes, we have designs for this situation too.

Will I have enough natural light coming in to the loft?

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect in the design process. Homes are for living in and without exception, its more enjoyable living in a well-lit house that a poorly lit house. There are lots of clever and cost effective ways to really maximise the level of natural light entering a property. Design measure such as roof domes, light wells and cleverly positioned Velux windows won’t only open up the whole loft conversion, but will give an uplifting natural light surge to the first floor too. This brings another level of beauty to the whole property by day and by moonlight.

How will the loft room ‘feel’ when it’s done?

You may walk into some loft rooms and they feel ‘boxy’ and tight. This is not a good feel for a loft room. Even though the actual floor area is OK, that horrible ‘boxy’ feeling comes from having a very low ceiling. Upon designing the loft conversion, always look for the best way to maximise head height, so the loft feels like walking into a 2nd floor as opposed to squeezing into a shoe box.

Where will the stairs go?
  • For any given loft type, there is an optimum position to installing your new staircase up to the loft room, so to give your property the best balance between usable living space and non-usable ‘swing’ space. Unfortunately all too often we’ve seen staircases that unnecessarily encroach onto a bedroom and don’t make the best use of what is otherwise ‘dead space’.
  • The staircase will be installed according to building regulations, which require there to be a minimum of 2m head height above the new top step. So typically the top of the new stairs will be under the ridge of the existing roof line or in the new dormer space.
  • The staircase in most conversions is positioned above the property’s existing staircase.
Can I have an en suite in the new loft room?

90% of loft conversions can be designed to accommodate an en-suite or full additional bathroom.

Will I have any storage space?

Often overlooked. The attic is the ideal space to spore seasonal/bulky/old belongings – but when the attic is converted, where will you put all this stuff? We will always provide practical & imaginative storage solutions

What is a Dormer?

A dormer is the new wooden ‘box’ structure that will stick out off the existing roof line. This essentially is what gives the attic more head height and changes the attic into a ‘room’.

Will I need a Dormer?

Nearly all lofts can have a dormer window, which can provide useful extra space in a tight loft, adding light and outlook to a room. Some smaller lofts may require a dormer at the top of the stairs to provide headroom as you climb the stairs into the loft.


Are the architect fees included in the fee?

Yes. Our aim is to make your loft conversion as simple as possible, which is why we give you one price which includes all the costs associated with building the loft conversion you’ve been planning for.

Do I pay a deposit to secure your services?

Yes, depending on the type of loft conversion a 50% deposit is all you need to ensure you have the best people working to create your dream loft conversion.

Is there a retainer?

Yes, we ask you to hold on to the final payment until you are utterly delighted with our work.

How much will it cost?

Your property is as unique as you so it is not possible to provide an exact figure. For instance you may decide to select the Rolls-Royce of bathroom suites over and above a standard bathroom suite, which would of course impact the price. However it would be possible to provide provisional costings upon inspection of your property. This will give you a pretty good idea as to what you can expect to pay. After we have carried out the initial site visit we will give to an exact quotation to the penny. The price you see is the price you pay.

Why do you need to come back a second time for the quote?

We know that builders & loft companies will just hand over a complicated document to the customer with lots of technical words & numbers, and just expect customers to understand what they’re looking at. We also know that some companies make a point of making the quote more complicated than it needs to be for exactly that reason. The price starts off low & because the customer wasn’t clear on what’s included & what’s excluded, then the small print makes the price go up massively during the project. Not us. We know that unless you trust us completely, you wouldn’t want to work with us – that’s why we’d rather take time out especially for you, and walk you through the price 1-2-1 – that way not only will you know with cast iron certainty, exactly what the project will cost you, to the penny, and at the same time Open Space Loft’s are raising the standards of the industry.

What exactly does the price include and what does it exclude?

In short, a quality loft conversion is not cheap. If you’re getting in a couple of quotes and one looks too good to be true, it’s a no-brainer to conclude that it is. The cheaper quote would almost certainly have excluded certain costs from the overall price just to make it look cheaper; items you will have to pay for in addition – such as Architect fees, decoration, planning fees etc. – so know exactly what is in & what is out of the quote.


What is ‘Permitted Development’?

Permitted Development Rights come with most houses, and they enable you to build a certain additional volume without planning permission.

How long does planning permission take?

From the time of submitting the application, it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the planning department to review the paperwork.

Will I have to arrange Building Control Approval myself?

We will do it on your behalf. We use private Building Control Inspectors to carry out the checks, as they are much quicker than the Council’s Inspectors. And that’s good for you as you can look forward to enjoying your completed loft sooner.

What if planning permission is not granted?

Don’t panic, we have the best people on board to ensure you get planning permission. In fact 95% of applications we submit are accepted first time round.

What is a Certificate of Lawful Development?

This is a piece of paper issued by your local authority, which confirms that a development (either existing or proposed) is lawful in regards to town planning aspects, and does not need any further planning permission.

Can you help me with the planning application?

Different houses in different areas will be required to go down different planning routes. The planning process itself can be quite involved in some circumstances and it is critical that as part of the Loft Specialist’s team, there is a robust system in place to achieve a successful result with the Planning dept. There have been cases where the homeowner was been ill-advised on planning permission requirements and has gone ahead and constructed a fully fitted loft conversion only to be told to demolish it at their own expense. We make sure that before a single build has commenced we have the council’s permission for your exact plan and design.

In what capacity is the local authority involved in my loft conversion?

They are involved from start to the finish. They receive the plans submitted by our Architect and check all the structural calculations through the Borough Engineer’s department. Once these have been given the OK together with all the relevant building regulations for the loft conversion, an approved set of plans are returned and the work then commences. The Local Authority’s Building Control Inspector periodically come to visit the build to make sure all the structural work and building regulations are being complied with. Post completion of the building work, a final inspection is carried out. Once this has been confirmed as meeting all the requirements, a completion certificate is posted out to the homeowner confirming that the loft conversion complies with building regulations.

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