Dormer Loft Conversion – Aesthetically Pleasing and Useful Roof Extensions

Loft conversions are the most practical solution when it comes to increasing your home space. Converting your attic into a roomy bedroom area is possible by hiring a reliable local service provider for loft conversion in Brighton. A superior loft conversion team can provide the much-needed space inside your home and also increase your property conversions Brighton

One of the best ideas includes the dormer loft conversion, which is a constructional extension that projects in a vertical direction from a sloping roof plane. Any cramped or small attic can be converted into a large spacious room by building a quality dormer onto that specific roof space.

Here are some of the top benefits of dormer loft conversion:

  • You can have an extra bedroom or a room as per your fancy in the loft space
  • You can include all kind of amenities such as a state-of-art theatre system or audio electrical system in the converted room
  • The large dormer windows provide picturesque beauty and natural sunlight to bathe your new room
  • You can choose from numerous popular or artistic dormer conversion types such flat dormer, shed dormer, or gable fronted dormer loft conversions.
  • You can build dormer conversion even within limited roof space or short headroom
  • The installation charges are cheaper as compared to hip to gable loft conversion styles.
  • UK singular homes or residences such as Victorian houses, modern bungalows or double row houses, etc can easily accommodate a dormer conversion

Types of Dormer Loft Conversions

There are different types of UK dormer conversion models. For example, a flat roof dormer is most inexpensive form and also offers huge internal space. Another form is shed dormer, which involves single roof plane with added roof sheeting other than the main roof. A gable-fronted dormer conversion needs a sturdy gable wall extension that is built to the former ridge line with a new roof segment projecting outwards. Another attractive dormer form is the hipped roof dormer that features three lovely sloping planes and they are joined to the existing ridge lines.

Dormer loft conversion

For best quality dormer conversions, you can get in touch with us at Open Space Lofts. Be it Brighton or Velux loft conversion project, we are your one-stop solution. Our expert engineers and labour staff make sure that your idea of a dream loft conversion becomes a reality!

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