Velux Loft Conversion: A Safe in-Demand Loft Conversion for Brighton, UK!

Loft refers to an attic space under the roof of a house. With the increased living members under one roof and the constraints of space, more and more people are looking forLoft Conversions Brighton UK. In order to meet the increasing demand, Open Space Lofts have been rendering services to the best satisfaction of their clients located across the areas of London, Sussex,and Surrey.

Their experienced designers and builders have converted the loft space to functional and valuable floor space on a turn-key basis.

Velux Loft Conversionis christened after the brand name of their window. These conversions are built within a roof with sloping windows facing towards the sky. The windows fit into the line of the roof. The special feature of Velux conversion is its excellent noise-reducing abilities. There is no projection from the roof,and the conversion does alter the external get-up of the building.

Besides getting natural light into your concerted space, you have different options for styles, sizes,andcolours to match with your décor and home exterior.

Open Space Loft Conversion has gained a reputation in the UK as a frontline assurer of quality, style,and durability of their work and products such as roof-lights and skylights. If you want headroom in your loft for over three meters, you can get the best advice, guidance, design,and execution from them. And you get all these, cost-effectively, suiting to your budget and need.

The four pillars of Loft conversion undertaken by Velux are i) Economy, ii) Safety, iii) Straightforwardness and iv) No Need of Planning

  1. Straightforwardness: As there is no need of external alterations, you don’t have to obtain any planning permission from any authority if your loft is 3 meters and above.
  2. Safety: The designing of Velux meets the emergency and access requirements and ensures installation of escape window.
  3. Economy: Velux conversion provides excellent thermal efficiency by installing a standard glass panel that reflects inward, 60% of the heat in winter and 60% of outward heat in the summer, thus saving your energy bill. It is environment-friendly.
  4. No Need for Planning: Planning is not required because the external structure does not require any alteration.You can add office room, bedroom, play area, gym, salon or dressing room, even within a week.

Dormer Loft Conversion

It involves the extension of your existing roof and allows additional floor and headroom in lofts having limited space. If the property is protruding from the rear, a former attic protrudes from the roof slope. This can be adapted to match a variety of styles.

Flat roof dormers provide the maximum amount of additional internal space, although they are not attractive from outside. On the other hand, hipped-roof dormers and gable-fronted roof dormers look attractive, but they don’t provide much internal space due to their complexity

In certain local councils, dormers may not be allowed for conversion. Therefore, you should check the rules with your local planning department before taking up any conversion. Your local builder too can guide you in this regard. With different types of Former window conversions, you can get different internal and external appearance.

In addition to the above, you can go in for conversion of Gable Room Dormers, Hip Roof Dormer, Shed Room Dormer, and Arched Dormer

For aesthetically pleasing, luxury, high-quality loft conversions in London, you can always rely upon the services of Open Space Loft Conversion. Call us: 0800 135 7318; or email us:

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